UI UX Live Project

UI UX live project for fresher

Having a strong portfolio is a must-have for every UI/UX design fresher who wants to get hired by a dream company. But if you are wondering how to practise your actual skills in the real world, what should I do?Hey, no need to stress! There's plenty of ways to do it. This article delves into some of the best UI UX Live project you can work on to gain experience and get noticed by the employers.

Finding Your Project Playground:

Personal Investigations: Go through! Do you experience any of those tasks that are routine but you are irritated by them?Is there a mobile app that you can build to make grocery shopping easier or a website that you can design to make it easier to book an appointment?Show leadership by finding a problem and creating a solution, which will be a proof of initiative and user-centric thinking.
Freelance platforms: You can find clients through sites such as Upwork or Fiverr where you can offer UI/UX design services to small businesses or individuals who need them for their website or app. This can be a good way to learn how to work in the field and to meet new people. This is the best way to showcase your UI/UX live projects in portfolio.
Design challenges:
The majority of design communities are running challenges with some design prompts online. These problems can be considered as a playground, where you can test your skills, get feedback, and maybe even win some recognition within the design community.

Project Ideas to Kickstart Your Portfolio

Mobile App Redesign: Take a widely used app and do the revamping of its interface. Emphasise on user-friendly and clear navigation.
Website Landing Page Design: Develop a homepage for the imaginary organisation with the emphasis on the clear calls to action and the aesthetically pleasing layout. Local Business Website Refresh: Is the website for your preferred local bakery in need of a makeover? Of course! Offer your skills and knowledge in design to the bakery in order to rebrand its online presence.


Focus on the User: When designing, always focus on what may be useful or not for the users.
Start Simple, Iterate Often: Start with a single clear project and revise it based on feedback from users; trying to build a complex app right away is not advisable.
Showcase Your Process: Make sure you have more than just final products. In your portfolio, do a case study showing rough sketches, wireframes, and prototypes that demonstrate your thinking process as a designer.
By taking up these UI UX live project you’ll gain exceptional experience to take into designing, get an attention-grabbing portfolio and be closer to launching that successful UI/UX design career.