UI UX 101

Welcome to my second article from the series 'The Learning's 101'. In this article, I will be sharing with you about the things I explored in UI and UX domain, the differences between UI and UX designer, and lastly my take as a newbie developer on UI & UX Design. First things first, let us address the elephant in the room. UI and UX Design are two separate entities in the web and app development world. What? Well, I bet you already knew that. UI Design or User Interface Design is the design of the user interface. The goal of UI design is to make the user's interaction with the website/application as simple and efficient as possible.

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When it comes to UX Design or User Experience Design, it more about enhancing customer satisfaction during their interaction with the product(website/application) by improving its usability and accessibility. UI is how good the car looks, while UX is how you feel driving it. Driving A little about UI and UX Designer's UI Designer - A UI Designer, is someone whose work starts with the market standard analysis and ends with an application efficient enough to make user interaction and perform actions. In between this starting and ending point, there are many things which a UI designer work on, here are some to name a few: structuring the look and feel of the application designing the various components with varied color schemes and typography adding result of user interaction and animation cross-device compatibility UX Designer - The work-life of a UX designer usually starts with competitor and market research, moving on to brainstorming, implementation, and finally reporting. In between these general steps which a UX designer follows, here are some of the prominent ones: content structuring communication with the developer and UI designer post-launch experience analytics gathering user feedback and improvement based on it Note : Just like a developer who is constantly working to improve the features and add functionalities to an application, both UI and UX designer work on improving the user's experience while interacting with the application. From a personal prespective I am thinking From a personal point of view, I have come to an understanding that if you are more towards designing and visual problem-solving approach then UI Design is the domain for you, but if you are looking for something more cognitive and analytical then you should go with UX design. Not all UI designers are UX designers, but mostly all UX designers are good UI designers. Also to add, when the comparison between front-end developer and UI/UX designer comes to play, I will suggest that if you are someone who enjoys writing code along with designing stuff then you should definitely go for front-end, but if you are more of someone who likes the visual and the analytics more than the coding experience then UI/UX is the field which is going to take you to heights. The Resources I Love I am loving it Here are few of the zillions websites I visit to draw some inspirations for better UI/UX while creating a new website awwwards Dribble Behance Also, do check out Careerfoundy, this has a complete package of everything you want to know about UI/UX along with coding and analytics. Happy Designing .